Mums in the Know: Review of Bubbles’ World of Play

“In just a few words we absolutely loved it here and definitely not shy in saying it is by far the best soft play we have been to”

A mums review of Bubbles’ World of Play is one I thought would be fairly standard. Aren’t all soft play places the same? Well actually turns out they aren’t! And for the first time in writing a review of one of our family days out I have discovered that my iphone doesn’t contain at least 100 useable images to share with everyone, sorry about that; the truth is I was too busy having fun with my kids and forgot to take a load of photos!
So where to start then? Well first of all I’ll be honest and say soft play has never been our favourite family activity, too stressful in many ways when the kids were younger and the baby would want to follow her older brothers and dare I say it just a little bit disorganised and haphazard for me (thinking queues for average food, limited seating, mixture of so many different age groups, big kids in with the little kids, inevitable tears). Bubbles (as its know this side of the water) is also the other side of the Mersey so why travel further afield? But the name is getting so well known, the personal recommendations are flowing (for soft play trips and for birthday parties (got our first invite the other week) so we definitely needed to see if they could change our mind about soft play – and yes they really did!
The five of us headed over the water then on a very wet and windy Sunday, with a slight dread about it being a day that would probably attract large numbers of families looking for indoor play. The drive through the tunnel caused no problems, plenty of parking right outside as well so we only got a little bit wet on our way in and just a small queue that went down in no time.
So how did the family get on? Well in just a few words we absolutely loved it here and definitely not shy in saying it is by far the best soft play we have been to. Our children are 6, 4 and 3 and they had an absolute ball. The youngest spent most of the time in the role play area, where she made me many coffees, put me in jail and fixed a few cars! The boys popped over to us for a bit then literally disappeared in the huge play frame only to reappear flying down the massive slide with dad sliding in the fast lane!
The activities are brilliantly thought out, with plenty of space for everyone (a credit really to the spacious set out of tables – no-one is crammed in here) and a great surprise was the number of staff actually in the play frame and for younger children there’s even a member of staff permanently stationed to strictly enforce the younger age limit for play.
I ordered us lunch (great choice of food)and then started to worry how I would actually round up everyone to sit and eat when it was ready but was amazed by the little device I was handed that you can put in your pocket and it vibrates and lights up when food is ready (so much more practical than a number on a stick) so you don’t have to stop playing before you need to!
The food was lovely, the staff extremely pleasant and the overall environment just exudes fun, safety and an added bonus was the FREE games dotted about which my eldest son could not be moved from once he discovered them; such a difference to the normal £1 a go for 5 minutes.
This is a 5* review from us, and we are already planning our weekend trips (where we plan on eating our big breakfasts, relaxing and letting the kids have an absolute ball),
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