Dharma & Breena review Bubbles World of Play  10 / 10

Two very excited girls from Wallasey visited Bubbles on Saturday morning to give us their thoughts and review our play areas, this is what they said:

Review by Dharma aged 8:

  • Bumpy slide is big, scary, colourful, lots of patterns. I rate this slide 5/5 because enjoyed going down the bumps makes me faster.
  • Swinging bags big and powerful because they swing really high.
  • The slush is very refreshing for when I am hot.
  • The toilets are pretty pink and purple, it stands out.
  • The ball pit is really good the plastic balls fell on my head, it was fun.
  • On the bumpy slide me and my sister raced, she won, it was really fast.
  • The games do lots of groovy, crazy moves.
  • Lovely thick hot dogs, meat really juicy and chips really delicious.
  • Good adventure want to go again next time.
  • Ice cream was delicious, lots of flavours to choose from with delicious toppings.
  • Bubbles deserves 10/10 because lots of fun and good happy workers.

Review by Breena aged 6:

  • I think Bubbles is lots of fun.
  • My favourite part is when I went in the ball pit and tge plastic balls fell on my head.
  • The bumpy slide was amazing because I pushed myself to go faster and raced my sister and I won.
  • The swing bag was lots of fun.
  • The twister spins really fast and it made me hot and dizzy and made me giggle.
  • The maze is lots of fun because we have to try and find our way out and the dead ends make it harder.
  • The arcade games I went on the dance game and it was amazing.
  • The lightening room was noisy, exciting and scary.
  • The food was delicious and I loved it but the best was ice cream.
  • The drink was cool and refreshing.
  • It was a nice adventure I would like to come back soon