Main Soft Play Frame

Discover a world of play like no other at Bubbles World of Play. Our main soft play frame, spanning five exhilarating levels, stands as the largest and most innovative in the UK for 0 - 11 year olds.

Home to over thirty countries and zones, it offers a global adventure, from the majesty of the Great Wall of China to the splendor of India's Taj Mahal. Every corner of our play area is a testament to wonder and excitement!

Access all levels with ease via our captivating Rocket, a central feature that not only helps parents navigate but also serves as an exciting landmark for children up to 11 years old.

The journey is just as thrilling as the destination, especially when taking our large 4-lane astro slide from Norway's chilly heights on level 4 back to the ground floor.  

The adventure continues with our Olympic assault course, Flags Game, and music zone.

Our squawking penguins and the two-storey ball cannon zone add to the unique, engaging experiences that make Bubbles World of Play the most innovative and fun play frame in the world.  

With over 100 different educational games, tarps, and features, we are the ultimate edutainment centre. We encourage adults (over 18's) to accompany younger children around our play frames; ensuring a fun and enriching visit for all.

Some of the many educational play features in our main playframe:

Our huge slide is great fun for children in our soft play centre in Liverpool area

Huge 4 Lane Slide in our Soft Play Area

Our 4 lane 'Transportation Themed' Astro slide transports kids from the 4th level to the ground of our main indoor play area. Are you an aeroplane, Train, Car or Boat? Not only was our slide the UK's first extra safe slide, it's also great fun for children!

Biggest Soft Play Rocket in Merseyside!

Our themed Space Rocket spans from the Ground to the Roof of the building and offers easy access to all levels of our main soft play frame, a great reference point for little ones to blast off on their indoor play adventure.

Climb the 5 levels of our soft play frame using our very own rocket at Bubbles Play Centre in Wirral
Looking for a rainy day activity for kids? Why not visit our Great Wall of China in our play centre in Wirral

Great Wall of China in Wirral

How many Children's Indoor Play Areas have you been to that have a Great Wall of China? Children can immerse themselves in Chinese culture, learning about Chinese symbols and The Great Wall itself. We have also got the friendliest Chinese Dragon in Merseyside and beyond!

Can you find our Secret Egyptian Tomb?

Unlock the mystery of our Secret Egyptian Tomb! Can you discover the hidden doors within the soft play frame? Access this thrilling area through a secret entrance, just like a real adventurer.

Secret Egyptian Tomb in Bubbles World of Play, Wirral. A great thing to do with the kids
Large play area for kids includes Merseyside's own Taj Mahal within our indoor play area

India and the Taj Mahal

Merseyside’s very own scaled down replica of this iconic Indian monument where children can climb and hide underneath before visiting the nearby lands of China and it’s Great Wall.

Wild West Cannon Zone Kids Play Area

Experience the Wild West like never before! Dodge foam cannon fire, gather foam balls ammo and immerse yourself in the frontier in our action-packed Wild West Zone. It's the perfect blend of adventure and excitement in our soft play area.

Ball cannon zone for children within our kids soft play area
We even have a piano within our indoor play area at Bubbles, Merseyside

Musical Play Area

Unleash your inner musician and 'Play the Piano' with your feet! Step onto our foot piano, and as you walk along its keys, it springs to life with melodious notes and delightful tunes. It's a harmonious way to create music while having a ton of fun!

Interactive Thunder Zone

Prepare to be amazed by 'Thunder and Lightning,' an electrifying experience that brings the thrill of storms to life. With dazzling effects and booming sounds, this area immerses you in the awe-inspiring world of weather phenomena.

Interactive thunder and lightning zone in Bubbles World of Play - a great indoor childrens activity for rainy days
Educational and interactive soft play features at Bubbles World of Play children's soft play centre, Wirral

Game of Spot the Difference?

Can your kids spot the difference in our Indian Elephants on their way to England? Or maybe tell the time on Big Ben - there's a reason why the time is showing 1859!

Soft Play Olympics

Experience the exhilarating 'Greek Obstacle Course'—a sprawling race track designed for epic competitions. Children can race along separate lanes, challenge each other, and revel in the thrill of the chase.

Obstacle course for children aged 11 and under at Bubbles World of Play, Wirral.
Indoor Play Barn area themed as Mexico with cactus in our soft play children' play area

Cactus on New Brighton Beach?

The only Cactus in Wirral - Located on Level 4, our vibrant Mexican Cactus and Chili Pepper decorations perfectly complement the exhilarating Mexican Flag Tube Slide, a popular slide with children.

Underwater Play Zone

Dive into the magic of our Underwater Zone, complete with its very own submarine Crawl Tube where friendly fish swim past as you explore. This spacious area also features hanging balls perfect for some underwater riding fun.

Underwater themed play area, close to New Brighton beach and Fun Fair
Indoor Soft Play area for kids with penguins nest in our children's play frame

Interactive Penguins Nest

Embark on a stealthy adventure through our Penguin's Nest, where you'll need to navigate with care to avoid disturbing these adorable creatures. As you pass by, watch out for the playful penguins, as they might just give a squawk of surprise!

The fun of Route 66 in Wirral

Did you know? Our Route 66 area not only features 9 stunning skyscrapers but also showcases iconic landmarks from all across America, including the dazzling lights of Las Vegas and other famous destinations.

Soft Play Area for kids showing USA themed zone in our indoor play centre in Liverpool region
Learn about dinosaurs at Bubbles World of Play, Play Area in Liverpool city region.

Visit the Jurassic Period

Learn about dinosaurs and dodge New Brighton's very own volcano in our Dino Land Area. Can you find the dinosaur bones and place them correctly in the puzzle? Listen out for the thunder!

Science & Discovery Zone

Crawl through our battery rollers and learn about climate change and how we can all do our bit to save our oceans in our Science Zone, being so close to New Brighton beach, it's something we care about!

Our science discovery zone is great fun for children to play in - many educational things to do in Bubbles Play Centre, Wirral
Imaginary play as super Heros, can you lift Thor's hammer in Bubbles World of Play, Wirral

Raise Thor's Hammer

Enter the legendary realm of Thor's Hammer! Here, young adventurers can test their strength with Merseyside's version of Mjölnir, Thor's mighty hammer. Lifted with the power of determination, it's an exciting challenge that transports kids into the world of Norse mythology.

Aerial Glide across France

Transport yourself to the majestic French Alps with our 'French Alps Swing' area. Let your children feel like they are on top of the world as they take a seat on our unique swings, over the Flag of France.

French themed aerial glide in soft play area of Bubbles World of Play, close to New Brighton beach and New Brighton fair
Build Stonehenge out of soft play in our indoor play  area for kids in Liverpool region

Rebuild our Soft Play Stonehenge

Step back in time and recreate Stonehenge in our England Zone. Crafted from soft foam, our Stonehenge lets you build, play, and explore while keeping the British spirit alive. Keep calm and carry on the adventure!

Discover Scandinavia

Embark on a journey to 'Discover Scandinavia' within our play area. Adorned with the flags of Scandinavian countries and captivating illustrations, this space invites children to explore the rich culture and beauty of the Nordic region.

Scandinavian flags within Bubbles Play Centre in New Brighton, Wirral
Soft Play Ara with Italian themed play items at Bubbles World of Play, Merseyside. We are also a kids party venue in Liverpool region

Little Italy on the Wirral

Learn about fractions with our pizza stepping stones and dodge our very own Leaning Tower of Pisa on your way to finding our secret Egyptian Tomb - but don't tell anybody we told you where it's hidden!