Children's Role Play Area for Under 5's

With its own shop, fire station, zoo, vets, police station (with jail), garage, construction site and igloo; our Under 5’s Role Play Mini City keeps children engaged for hours. This kids role play area is gated and fenced and close to our Baby & Toddler seating area so your 1 – 5 year olds can play safe whilst being watched by their parents. Many of our role play items encourage parents to assist and play with their children.

Some of the many Role Play features in our Under 5's Role Play Area:

Secure gated access to our kids role play area and also our baby and toddler soft play area and sensory zone in Wirral

Gated, Safe Access

Similar to our Baby & Toddler Area; our Role Play Area is also gated and close to our Baby & Toddler Area. The Role Play gate is the only way into and out of our role play area.

Role Play Coffee Shop

No role play mini city is complete without its very own Bubbles Coffee Shop, a must visit for all toddlers and under 5's.

Fancy a coffee? Our Role Play area for kids has its very own coffee shop in Bubbles New Brighton. We are not far from Liverpool and North Wales
Bubbles World of Play has it's very own police station in our role play area within our Wirral Play Centre for kids

Police Station & Jail

New Brighton's very own kids police station is located within our role play area. Not only can children 'escape' from the jail, they will also learn about 'Stranger-Danger!' from the educational tarps in the cell walls.

Build a Racing Car

Dismantle and rebuild our Formula 1 racing car made entirely of soft play items. Don't forget to add the 'Funlop' tyres!

Role Play Area for toddlers in Wirral at Bubbles World of Play, New Brighton
Role Play Fire Station in Under 5's Soft Play Area in Bubbles World of Play, near Liverpool, Merseyside

Mini Fire Station

How many soft play centres teach children not to play with matches and the dangers of fire? Not only is our role play fire station fun; it is also very educational for younger children.

Build an indoor igloo

Our igloo building challenge is designed to test and entertain children whilst also offering exercise in disguise and improving problem solving skills.

Role Play Igloo for kids to play with in Bubbles World of Play Soft Play in Wirral
Educational Imaginary Role Play for kids. Car Garage for kids to enjoy in Bubbles World of Play Soft Play Centre near Wales

Car Mechanic Garage

Once you have built your racing car, don't forget to pop into our garage and say hello to the friendly mechanic.

Giant Jigsaw

One of the many challenges in our role play area for toddlers and under 5's.

Role Play jigsaw puzzle for kids to enjoy in Bubbles World of Play CH45 2HZ
Play zoo keeper or barista in our role play area for kids in Liverpool area

New Brighton's Zoo

As well as a vets, we have even got our very own zoo. Say hello to our friendly soft play animals and figure out some zoo themed puzzles.

Construction Site

No role play mini village is complete without a construction site. What can you build with our giant building cube.

Role Play area for toddlers shwoing our construction zone in our soft play for kids in Merseyside
Coffee shop, part of the Imaginary Play Area for Children in Bubbles World of Play, Indoor Play Area for Kids

Role Play Items & Puzzles

Our mini village businesses come with a range of role play items and puzzles to keep children engaged.

Aerial Climb Lookout

Accessible from within the main play frame, our role play mini city even has a rope bridge towering above it.

Exercise in disguise as play, rope bridge in Bubbles World of Play - indoor play barn in Wirral
Role Play Theming teaching kids about safety in our indoor play centre in Wirral

Educating Children about Safety

Not only are our Role Play areas fun and engaging, they are also very educational and teach younger children many key safety aspects.

New Brighton Vets

Our role play area has a vet as well as a zoo. Children can even sit and ride on our animals.

Role Play Area for Kids in Wirral showing Vets
Kids Role Play Area Police Station Jail

Escape from Jail

Located at the back of our role play police station, our jail has a secret escape hatch!